One comment on “▶ What’s Going On So Far With Digital Pay Days? – YouTube

  1. I was just wondering if you would be interested in checking out a new cycler that just landed in the United States. It only costs $50 to get started and you will cycle out and receive $125. Once you cycle the company will buy you back in to the $50 chart at no cost to you. There are 6 different charts so you can take some of your profits and buy into higher level boards once you cycle the smaller ones. Every time you cycle a new board the company buys you into that one at no cost to you. So you can get in and cycle the $50 board and then buy in to the $100 board with your profits and cycle it as well. Then you won’t have to worry about buying back in to those 2 boards ever again. You are automatically placed in them and everyone you bring in will follow you as well. You get paid 3x the buy in cost. There is a $50,$100,$300,$500,$1,000, & a $1,500. My sponsor has been in for 6 days now and has cycled the $50 board twice now and is close to cycling the $100. He has already hit the #1 recruiter spot for this month and we would love to have you as a part of the team and success. Also when you bring people in you build a residual income which is very nice. If you would like to check this out feel free to go to the link below.


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